Resident’s Rights Month

What is TASC?

No one looks forward to spending their twilight years in institutional care–but over 93,000 Texans currently reside in nursing homes.  Our goal is to make their lives safer, more secure, and comfortable.

Active since 1989, Texas Advocates for Senior Care (formerly Texas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents) is the sole statewide Citizen Advocacy Group working for improvements in the quality of care for Texas long-term care recipients. We are a committed group of long-term care consumers, their families and friends, and citizen advocates who are proud of the organization’s achievements.

We offer direct individual advocacy, advice and support in choosing care options, educational programs, and we watch the legislative process carefully to work for better laws and regulations.

Everyone is welcome to join us in our efforts–whether you choose to volunteer as an advocate, support staff, or a Board member.  We welcome donations and sustaining members.


Help for Nursing Home Residents and Their Families


Learn about choosing a nursing home, resident’s rights,  how to ensure quality care, and more.


Monitoring legislation affecting quality of care issues, participating in the legislative process, advocating for better laws and more enforcement.